Sultans of Swing // Part II : Israel & Palestine

Israel and Palestine aren't safe.
Israel is full of arrogant settlers and the days go by in a perpetual fear of terrorist attacks.
As for Palestine, it is a dangerous place inhabited by violent, blood thirsty arabs.

At least that's what the media tells us so that must be the truth, right ?

Wrong, wrong and wrong !

This summer, we were fortunate enough to travel to Israel during our stay in the beautiful Sinai desert.
Sadly, we weren't there very long but it certainly left us hungry for more.

Jerusalem is very mystical.
Even the smuggest of atheist -I'm looking at you, Mr K.- will find himself fascinated by the religious history of the city.
The Via Dolorosa, a savant mix of Jesus and market stalls, was a higlight of our day.

So was our "swim" in the Red Sea.
You think you know what to expect when you dip a foot into the water but really nothing can prepare you to the surreal feeling of just floating there.
Also, look at how pretty the water is !

While I'm not a huge city person and definitely transform into a beach bum as soon as the temperatures allow it, I got the impression that to really get a feel of Jerusalem, you must go there for at least two weeks.
There are so many little neighbourhoods to visit on top of all the "must sees" that 14 days would not be a luxury !

While In Israel, we didn't get to see Tel Aviv (next time !) but we crossed yet another border into Palestine.
The avid newspaper reader that I am was secretly a bit worried.
I was making a jam of gloomy headlines until I didn't know anymore wether to fear a kidnapping or a bomb.
Turns out there really was nothing to fear in Bethlehem.

While it has a "phantom city" feel after the bustling excitement of Jerusalem, it is a really pretty city with a lot to see.
I am no hardcore catholic but seeing the place where Jesus was allegedly born was pretty special.
So was eating the best hummus/kefta of my entire life.

Again, we would have liked to have more time there and after devouring the lonely planet guide on the region and mentally bookmarking everything I want to see, there's no doubt that we'll be back for more !

I would advise anyone in the regio to check Israel out.
The only weapons that we saw were carried by teenage soldiers in Jerusalem and quite frankly, they were more hot than scary.

x, K.

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  1. Im sure you enjoyed the best hummus over there. Israel is amazing.