Three Letters & One Recipe.

Dear Baby Brother,

I'm so happy that you came to spend the week end with us.
I miss you tons and I'm always sooo ecstatic when we get to spend time together.
I loved every second of our time together and it was really cool to work on our secret project and to cook with you.

Seeing how great our project / recipe turned out, I'd say that we really are an awesome team.

I love you so, so much.

Big Sister

Dear Cilantro,

You are so glorious.
Thank you so much for making every one of my recipes better.
Scratch that, thank you for making EVERYHTING better.



Dear Bourek,

You're the food version of my ideal man : you're juicy, meaty, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

And you're stuffed up to your eyeballs with cilantro.

So hot.

We shall meet again very soon.

x, K.

How to make Bourek

* Take a phyllo sheet and put some olive oil on it so that your creation gets out of the oven with a nice golden tan.

* Mix together ground turkey, red onions, cilantro and tiny tomato pieces and cook until the turkey is nice and brown

* Stuff that phyllo sheet like your life depends on it and fold it however your little heart desires.

* Put the final product in the oven and cook until the outside is golden and crispy


The raid.

This week-end, the WBST got together for one of our yearly traditions :
our raid on the sales in Antwerp.

The combination of my favorite people and pretty new clothes ? H-E-A-V-E-N.

When we got up, we were greeted with grey clouds but we weren't about to let that deter us.
We were on a mission.

An hour of sing alongs in the car later, we finally arrived to the promised land but before we started hitting the shops we stopped for breakfast, WBST style.
Sliders at 10AM? That's how we roll !

By some sort of miracle, it only rained when we were inside so we got to stroll in the city without having to bother with an umbrella.

Our bounty wasn't as big (read : enormous) as the last time that we came but we each found what we were looking for which is really all that matters.
Quality over quantity any day right ?

Once again, it was perfect and I truly felt so blessed that I have such cool cats (no way I was gonna pass an opportunity to use that expression) in my life.

To be honest, I'm already looking forward to next year's shopping trip !

Thanks for the awesome day guys !

x, K.

* I like to think that we know some really cool spots in Antwerp so expect a post where I'm sharing them with you very soon :)


Set Fire To The Rain.

Dear Mother Nature,

I get it.

For so long, us arrogant humans have thought that we knew better.
For centuries, we classified your hard work in 4 restrictive seasons : the sunny Spring, the warm Summer, the humid Fall and the cold Winter.
How narrow minded of us.

It seems totally fair that you would choose to remind us of how little we are.
Two weeks of uninterrupted rain and unseasonably cold weather is a really good way to let us all know who's in charge.

I swear I really get it.

But see, I'm never one to undermine your power.

So please, can you remember that when you plan how much longer this weather is gonna last ?
Pretty please ?

x, K.


Ain't no mountain high enough.

I tell everyone that will listen that Mr K. is my rock.

I know that it is one of those cliché words that you kind of have to use to describe your other half but not in our case.

I have lost count of the number of times that his strong arms cradled me until I stopped crying.
Over the years, he has proved to be an invaluable source of support, keeping me strong in stressful exam times and patiently making me recite hundreds of pages until I knew them by heart.
Truth be told, I would have failed and given up a long time ago if it weren't for him carrying me with all his strength.

No situation can faze him and he has stayed calm and strong through every storm that we had to weather.
In stressful situations, people will always turn to him because Mr K. is that type of person, the one that always has answers and can solve any problems.

Also, if you ever felt that boy's muscles, you'd know that really, "rock" is the best way to describe him.
Rock hard.

In our relationship, I'm the neurotic, emotionally fragile headless chicken and he is the water to my fire, the backbone of our little family.

This summer though, life decided to throw a curveball at us.
After months of hard work, Mr K. was rendered helpless by his crazy exam schedule (3 exams in 12 hours ? Really ?!?) and is stuck with exams to redo in August.

You'd think that having his hard work be rendered worthless by the cruel mentally ill person that made his schedule would crush him but he's staying strong.
Actually, the one that took it the hardest of the two was me.
To me, it was really hard to accept that Mr K. wasn't invincible and that sometimes, he would take a tumble just like us mere mortals do all the time.

I even resented him.
How could he let that happen ?
If he wasn't invincible, than what were WE ?
To be quite honest, I was awful with him and that's a burden that I'll always have to carry.

But now, I realize that this is my chance.
Maybe, by putting him in his situation, life isn't testing him (hello, the boy got better results than me at each and every course that we ever had together) but me, giving me a chance to prove him that I can be there for him and support him too in times of need.

And you betcha that that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

You and me together babe, we're invincible.

x, K.

PS : For some reason, this post made me think of "You'll be in my heart" from the Tarzan OST.
As if I wasn't teary eyed enough because of how unfair this situation is for my poor baby, now I'm full on bawling thinking of how the mama monkey died in the movie.
Thank God I'm only a substitute rock.


A series of unfortunate events.

When I found out that I would be working at an event planning company this summer, I was ecstatic.
There it was, my first foray into this exciting world of glitz and glamour.

Of course, I wasn't naive.
I knew that hard work would be expected of me but I was ready for it.
I would live of nicotine and adrenaline, dressed head to toe in black.
The world would have to sit back and get ready for the next Mindy Weiss.

In that state of mind, I started my summer job, filled equally with hope and ambition.

Those feelings didn't last very long.

The worst isn't the fact that we're given tasks that even defectuous drones could accomplish.
I mean, you have to pay your dues, even if that means folding pieces of paper, right ?

No, the worst is my boss, lovingly called the skinny bitch.
The skinny bitch lives in a parallel universe where it's totally okay to treat the poor student working with you as your obedient slave.

The skinny bitch is like a shark, feeding off the smell of fear and taking delight in yelling at you only to remark afterwards that you always look at her with "SUCH a look".

The skinny bitch will never pick up the phone, which might explain why she marches to your office to harass you for not being able to handle three ringing phones at the same time.
Clearly, she doesn't understand how that ringing device functions.
Nor how does hearing function.
Or maybe it's just me ?

I've only been working there 9 days but already, I'm counting down every second of every minute of hour of....
You get the picture.
I'm a miserable cow.

I'm not letting it get me down too much though.
If history is to be trusted, people with big foreheads have big futures ahead of them.

Ok I just made this up but I KNOW that if I work hard enough, I'll make a name for myself.
And when I do, I'll make sure to trash her every chance that I get.

No matter how cold that revenge will be eaten, I'm already certain that it will taste delicious.

x, K.

* When I carved that pumpkin this Halloween, little did I know that I would be fortunate enough to meet Mr Burns' female counterpart.



For the past few days, our gang of losers lived of canned food and live music at our annual rock'n'roll orgy : Rock Werchter.

As always, it was memorable.
For the first time, the temperature didnt climb in the 40°C and it was nice to not feel like we were gonna melt any second.
Like every year, we thought we had gotten lost, only to miraculously surface right where we had to be.
Like every year, that happy mistake started our festival on the right foot.

After weeks apart, stuck with our nose in our books, the freedom was exhilarating.
We had beer and crisps for breakfast and slushees for dinner, impromptus dances and happy sing-alongs, we shared many cuddles and many more fits of laughter.
It was perfect.

I don't think it's possible to do justice to Werchter in a post, but here are some personal highlights of the festival :

* Seasick Steve was the first artist that we saw.
After some heavy lifting and campsite building, it was great to chill in the sun while listening to
his raspy voice.
The best part of his gig was when he brought none other than the great John Paul Jones on
stage. The sight of this living legend next to Steve and his homemade guitar was really one to
behold and it was the perfect start to 4 days of great music.

* The Queens Of The Stone Age were awesome.
They started their set with Feelgood Hit Of The Summer which was a great way to put us all
straight in the mood. I loved dancing with Mr K. to Make It Wit Chu and getting to see the
beast that is Josh Homme on stage again was super cool. I did'nt expect any less from them but
man, they did not disappoint.

* The 13 year old in me almost fainted when she read that Linkin Park was gonna be playing
on the first day, mostly because when I was thirteen I was obsessed with Hybrid Theory and
woke up every morning with it blasting in my room.
To be honest, I didn't expect them to be that great and just wanted to see them on the chance
that I'd get to hear my teenage soundtrack live but they surprised us all -even baby brother
who really isn't a fan of their stuff.
They threw hit song after hit song at us and really gave an awesome show.
If you were a fan too when you were a kid, it's really worth it to see them live.

* On Friday, I couldn't wait to see Lissie and also to know what my brother would think of her
live seeing that me and the Mister had seen her already and were hooked.
I'm happy to report that N. loved her too and that they were even better than the last time we
saw them. Clearly, I wasn't the only one thinking that because the audience was really showing
her some major loving, singing to every song and clapping like mad.
Also, I wanna say again how fucking awesome her band is; her guitarist is one of the best I've
Remember the name Eric Sullivan because one day the man is gonna be HUGE.

* Two years ago, I was in a heat induced dazed when White Lies took the stage and I couldn't
be bothered to get my head away from its comfortable resting place (read : Mr K.'s lap)
to watch them. Still, even if I was half asleep, I heard enough for me to be excited to see them
live again.
Their performance was really good and their mellow music was just what we needed to chill in
the grass.

* To say that we were pumped to see Arctic Monkeys would be the understatement of the
We've been fans ever since their first EP got out and we were ready to sing at the top of our
lungs !
From the beginning to the end, they were awesome and it was so great to get to enjoy their gig
Also, I don't know if you heard me all the way on stage Alex, but just in case you didn't, and just
in case you pass by here : some of us actually were ecstatic that you played Cornerstone.

* On Saturday, it really was a shame that we were so little to have schlepped to the festival site
to see Rival Sons because they really rocked. They had been advertised as being very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and they definitely lived up to that title. What better way to start the day than with some fat riffs right ?

* We were a bit skeptical as we were walking to the Marquee to see The Pretty Reckless, mainly because her bratty attitude makes it hard to focus on her music.
Once there though, and once we got over the fact that all her bandmates were old enough to have fathered her twice, we actually enjoyed her performance.
You can't say that the girl doesn't give it her all and she was very sweet with her audience, going as far as to cuddle (and lapdance for) some blushing groupies.
Live, her songs really come to life and if you've got the chance, it's worth checking them out.

* Taylor Momsen's performance was followed by Jenny and Johnny's gig.
Just as they came on stage, the sun started to shine and as I lay comfortably on Mr K.'s lap, listening to their beachy music I couldn't help but think that all that was missing really was a cocktail with a little umbrella in it. Perfect summer soundtrack !

* I Blame Coco took the stage next and woke us all up.
She delivered a really solid performance and since she was accompanied by a band on stage, her songs sounded a lot more edgier than on her CD which was really cool and quite unexpected.
I'd definitely go if she was ever touring here again and I'd encourage you to do the same :)

* We really didn't know what to expect of Bright Eyes.
Knowing only their mellower songs, we weren't sure of how it was gonna sound live at a festival.
Turns out, we shouldn't have worried.
While many words (amongst them, memorable) could be used to describe their gig, mellow really isn't one of them.
On some songs they almost sounded like a garage band and Road To Joy was the perfect way to end a great set.

* Portishead played as the sun was setting and frankly they couldn't have played at a better time. Beth Gibbons haunting voice serenaded us and put the festival site in a dreamlike trance.

* Our day ended with Underworld's performance and boy, what a way to end the day that was.
They took us back to a time when wearing Buffalo platform shoes and popping X was all the rage and threw us one motherfucking party while doing so.
I don't know how many we were but enough for it to be crazy when we all started dancing like maniacs to the tune of Born Slippy.
Thankfully, the song didn't inspire Mr K. to pull a Spud on me because frankly, in a tent, that would have been plain old nasty.

* When we got to The Vaccines's gig, we couldn't quite believe that it was Sunday morning already.
This year, time at Rock Werchter really seemed to fly and it's with a heavy heart that we schlepped to the field one last time.
Thank God though, The Vaccines were exactly what we needed and after their gig we felt better and ready to enjoy every second of our last day.

* Kasabian was really great and I kid of regretted never having paid more attention to their music before. I loved how different they were from what we'd heard since then and I definitely will dust off my old Kasabian CD to get ready for the next time I see them live !

* The last artist that we saw live was Robyn.
I have absolutely no idea of what she was on when she took the stage but I want some !
Girl was on fire, pulling some crazy moves on us that even had me jealous - and I'm the inventor of a little gem I like to call "the constipated skier".
She had us all dancing and I couldn't have thought of a better way to cap off 4 amazing days.
Tack !

After 4 way too short days, we headed back home, filled with happy memories and, what else, singing at the top of our lungs in the car.
Like each time, it was one of the highlights of my year and I'm already looking forward to next year's edition.

Thanks for those 4 days boys.
It was absolutely perfect.

x, K.