Oh and by the way...

My family is the best too.

On Saturday night, my darling parents schlepped all the way to our place to treat us to a much needed break.
The prospect of it kept Mr K. motivated and, after a very productive day of studying, they whisked us off to a delicious Indonesian restaurant.

Seeing that this time last year we were planning to actually go to Indonesia, I couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic and miss Bali - and the amazing Alila Ubud hotel.

The melancholia soon faded though and we spent the evening stuffing our face with scrumptious food and sharing jokes.

It was exactly what we needed and I was so thankful to them for taking time out of their busy schedules to come spoil us.
Also, my baby brother was all dressed up which made me smile because every time I see my family, I always try to look my best too so that they're proud of me.

Just so you know N., if you're like me and that was your goal, I was very proud of you, as always.

If you're ever in Brussels, make sure to eat at Garuda and to get the Rice table, it's worth every penny !

x, K.

* This picture of the five of us makes me want to go back to Bali sooo badly !


Not that it's a contest or anything...

But I really have the best dog in the world.



Sometimes, Mr K. and I like to pretend that we just met.
We ditch our comfortable routines and we take each other on a special date.

Don't get me wrong, we go on "normal" dates all the time too but those are special because we pretend not to know each other by heart, we play the question game and we almost always end up discovering some sweet little secrets about each other.

Yesterday was one of those nights when we had something to celebrate, on top of it not raining for the first time in what feels like forever.
That's all the incentive that we needed and so, with Bonnie in tow, I took Mr K. to my ideal first date.

There were dim sum & dimmed lights, a pic nick, a walk in the park and many kisses.

It really was perfect and it totally made me fall in love with my boy all over again.

Thanks for playing along with me and answering such dumb questions as "what do you look for in a girl" babe !
Come to think of it, had I asked that one on our real first date, there might not have been a second one...Pfew !

x K.


De Zeemerminnen van Knokke.

I always find the sea so soothing.
it sounds corny as ever but every time I'm at the beach, I feel like the waves wash all my worries away.

Last Wednesday, as soon as Mr K. was done with his litterature exam -he has a good feeling about it, fingers crossed ! - we packed our family in the car and off we were, direction the North Sea.

It is a little known fact about our country but Belgium actually has some very beautiful beaches and some super cute seaside towns.
Knokke is without a doubt my favorite though, mostly because we have some magic memories there but also because it's one of the only places that allows dogs on the beach in the summer.

The first time that we had taken Bonnie to the sea, she was still a wee baby and she had been a little overwhelmed.
This time though, she seemed to be so happy, alternatively chasing waves and seagulls until she was exhausted and took a nap in the dunes.

As for me and Mr K., well, we were in our element.
Every time we go to the sea, it only takes for me to get out of the car and smell that first whiff of salt in the air to feel like I'm at home.

This little getaway was exactly what we needed and I already am looking forward to the next time we're going, this time, with the complete WBST.

ik zie jullie zo graag, mijn twee zeemerminnen :)

x, K.


Friday I'm in Love.

Friday I'm in love with...

* the way Bonnie naps, all curled up with her chin resting delicately on her paw.

* Mr.K's 3 day old beard, the perfect peeling to get soft pink cheeks.

* me and my brothers private jokes, most of them being quotes from our favorite movies and all of them sounding as good on the phone as they do in real life.

* still finding sand in my hair two days after coming back from the beach

* the smell that fills our nest after I bake "better than sex" cookies for my boy

* the realization that my new summer shoes have the exact same color as my favorite Tropical Temptation nailpolish

* daydreaming about our impending trip to the Middle East

* trying out new recipes to feed my hungry Mr K...sesame turkey meatballs anyone ?

* the shy but determined way in which the sun has been appearing more and more lately

Mostly though, just like every other day, I'm in love with our gang of losers, our furballs, and the handsome shaggy haired daredevil that I get to call my boyfriend.

x, K.


Dear Baby Brother

I miss you so so much.

Please come live here.
I'll let you paint our living room black and build yourself a fort on the roof.

I'll even share my Marshmallow Fluff with you.

Deal ?


The Big Five-O.

On Saturday, my parents threw themselves a party to celebrate hitting the half-century mark.
Despite the weather trying its best to fuck the whole thing up, the party was a blast.

Nothing like some respectable people blowing off steam to ensure a very entertaining evening.
Also, you'd think that a bunch of GPs would know about the dangers of alcohol but you'd be wrong since one of my dad's friends from Uni served me what he called a Jack & Coke but what I call detergent.
Or poison.

My father in law did a strip tease, my brother sweet talked cougars all night and me and Mr K. danced 'til we dropped (literally), crawling in our bed as the sun was rising.

They say the apple never falls far from the tree and seeing how bad ass my parents still are (hellooo, take a look at my dad pimping it in white from head to toe) well, I'm pretty glad I was conceived by those two crazy kids.

Seeing them, you can't help but think that 50 is the new 20.
Well, maybe the new 21 seeing their taste for strong drinks.

x, K.