Ain't no mountain high enough.

I tell everyone that will listen that Mr K. is my rock.

I know that it is one of those cliché words that you kind of have to use to describe your other half but not in our case.

I have lost count of the number of times that his strong arms cradled me until I stopped crying.
Over the years, he has proved to be an invaluable source of support, keeping me strong in stressful exam times and patiently making me recite hundreds of pages until I knew them by heart.
Truth be told, I would have failed and given up a long time ago if it weren't for him carrying me with all his strength.

No situation can faze him and he has stayed calm and strong through every storm that we had to weather.
In stressful situations, people will always turn to him because Mr K. is that type of person, the one that always has answers and can solve any problems.

Also, if you ever felt that boy's muscles, you'd know that really, "rock" is the best way to describe him.
Rock hard.

In our relationship, I'm the neurotic, emotionally fragile headless chicken and he is the water to my fire, the backbone of our little family.

This summer though, life decided to throw a curveball at us.
After months of hard work, Mr K. was rendered helpless by his crazy exam schedule (3 exams in 12 hours ? Really ?!?) and is stuck with exams to redo in August.

You'd think that having his hard work be rendered worthless by the cruel mentally ill person that made his schedule would crush him but he's staying strong.
Actually, the one that took it the hardest of the two was me.
To me, it was really hard to accept that Mr K. wasn't invincible and that sometimes, he would take a tumble just like us mere mortals do all the time.

I even resented him.
How could he let that happen ?
If he wasn't invincible, than what were WE ?
To be quite honest, I was awful with him and that's a burden that I'll always have to carry.

But now, I realize that this is my chance.
Maybe, by putting him in his situation, life isn't testing him (hello, the boy got better results than me at each and every course that we ever had together) but me, giving me a chance to prove him that I can be there for him and support him too in times of need.

And you betcha that that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

You and me together babe, we're invincible.

x, K.

PS : For some reason, this post made me think of "You'll be in my heart" from the Tarzan OST.
As if I wasn't teary eyed enough because of how unfair this situation is for my poor baby, now I'm full on bawling thinking of how the mama monkey died in the movie.
Thank God I'm only a substitute rock.

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