A series of unfortunate events.

When I found out that I would be working at an event planning company this summer, I was ecstatic.
There it was, my first foray into this exciting world of glitz and glamour.

Of course, I wasn't naive.
I knew that hard work would be expected of me but I was ready for it.
I would live of nicotine and adrenaline, dressed head to toe in black.
The world would have to sit back and get ready for the next Mindy Weiss.

In that state of mind, I started my summer job, filled equally with hope and ambition.

Those feelings didn't last very long.

The worst isn't the fact that we're given tasks that even defectuous drones could accomplish.
I mean, you have to pay your dues, even if that means folding pieces of paper, right ?

No, the worst is my boss, lovingly called the skinny bitch.
The skinny bitch lives in a parallel universe where it's totally okay to treat the poor student working with you as your obedient slave.

The skinny bitch is like a shark, feeding off the smell of fear and taking delight in yelling at you only to remark afterwards that you always look at her with "SUCH a look".

The skinny bitch will never pick up the phone, which might explain why she marches to your office to harass you for not being able to handle three ringing phones at the same time.
Clearly, she doesn't understand how that ringing device functions.
Nor how does hearing function.
Or maybe it's just me ?

I've only been working there 9 days but already, I'm counting down every second of every minute of hour of....
You get the picture.
I'm a miserable cow.

I'm not letting it get me down too much though.
If history is to be trusted, people with big foreheads have big futures ahead of them.

Ok I just made this up but I KNOW that if I work hard enough, I'll make a name for myself.
And when I do, I'll make sure to trash her every chance that I get.

No matter how cold that revenge will be eaten, I'm already certain that it will taste delicious.

x, K.

* When I carved that pumpkin this Halloween, little did I know that I would be fortunate enough to meet Mr Burns' female counterpart.

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