Three Letters & One Recipe.

Dear Baby Brother,

I'm so happy that you came to spend the week end with us.
I miss you tons and I'm always sooo ecstatic when we get to spend time together.
I loved every second of our time together and it was really cool to work on our secret project and to cook with you.

Seeing how great our project / recipe turned out, I'd say that we really are an awesome team.

I love you so, so much.

Big Sister

Dear Cilantro,

You are so glorious.
Thank you so much for making every one of my recipes better.
Scratch that, thank you for making EVERYHTING better.



Dear Bourek,

You're the food version of my ideal man : you're juicy, meaty, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

And you're stuffed up to your eyeballs with cilantro.

So hot.

We shall meet again very soon.

x, K.

How to make Bourek

* Take a phyllo sheet and put some olive oil on it so that your creation gets out of the oven with a nice golden tan.

* Mix together ground turkey, red onions, cilantro and tiny tomato pieces and cook until the turkey is nice and brown

* Stuff that phyllo sheet like your life depends on it and fold it however your little heart desires.

* Put the final product in the oven and cook until the outside is golden and crispy


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