The raid.

This week-end, the WBST got together for one of our yearly traditions :
our raid on the sales in Antwerp.

The combination of my favorite people and pretty new clothes ? H-E-A-V-E-N.

When we got up, we were greeted with grey clouds but we weren't about to let that deter us.
We were on a mission.

An hour of sing alongs in the car later, we finally arrived to the promised land but before we started hitting the shops we stopped for breakfast, WBST style.
Sliders at 10AM? That's how we roll !

By some sort of miracle, it only rained when we were inside so we got to stroll in the city without having to bother with an umbrella.

Our bounty wasn't as big (read : enormous) as the last time that we came but we each found what we were looking for which is really all that matters.
Quality over quantity any day right ?

Once again, it was perfect and I truly felt so blessed that I have such cool cats (no way I was gonna pass an opportunity to use that expression) in my life.

To be honest, I'm already looking forward to next year's shopping trip !

Thanks for the awesome day guys !

x, K.

* I like to think that we know some really cool spots in Antwerp so expect a post where I'm sharing them with you very soon :)

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