The Big Five-O.

On Saturday, my parents threw themselves a party to celebrate hitting the half-century mark.
Despite the weather trying its best to fuck the whole thing up, the party was a blast.

Nothing like some respectable people blowing off steam to ensure a very entertaining evening.
Also, you'd think that a bunch of GPs would know about the dangers of alcohol but you'd be wrong since one of my dad's friends from Uni served me what he called a Jack & Coke but what I call detergent.
Or poison.

My father in law did a strip tease, my brother sweet talked cougars all night and me and Mr K. danced 'til we dropped (literally), crawling in our bed as the sun was rising.

They say the apple never falls far from the tree and seeing how bad ass my parents still are (hellooo, take a look at my dad pimping it in white from head to toe) well, I'm pretty glad I was conceived by those two crazy kids.

Seeing them, you can't help but think that 50 is the new 20.
Well, maybe the new 21 seeing their taste for strong drinks.

x, K.

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