Sometimes, Mr K. and I like to pretend that we just met.
We ditch our comfortable routines and we take each other on a special date.

Don't get me wrong, we go on "normal" dates all the time too but those are special because we pretend not to know each other by heart, we play the question game and we almost always end up discovering some sweet little secrets about each other.

Yesterday was one of those nights when we had something to celebrate, on top of it not raining for the first time in what feels like forever.
That's all the incentive that we needed and so, with Bonnie in tow, I took Mr K. to my ideal first date.

There were dim sum & dimmed lights, a pic nick, a walk in the park and many kisses.

It really was perfect and it totally made me fall in love with my boy all over again.

Thanks for playing along with me and answering such dumb questions as "what do you look for in a girl" babe !
Come to think of it, had I asked that one on our real first date, there might not have been a second one...Pfew !

x K.

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