Friday I'm in Love.

Friday I'm in love with...

* the way Bonnie naps, all curled up with her chin resting delicately on her paw.

* Mr.K's 3 day old beard, the perfect peeling to get soft pink cheeks.

* me and my brothers private jokes, most of them being quotes from our favorite movies and all of them sounding as good on the phone as they do in real life.

* still finding sand in my hair two days after coming back from the beach

* the smell that fills our nest after I bake "better than sex" cookies for my boy

* the realization that my new summer shoes have the exact same color as my favorite Tropical Temptation nailpolish

* daydreaming about our impending trip to the Middle East

* trying out new recipes to feed my hungry Mr K...sesame turkey meatballs anyone ?

* the shy but determined way in which the sun has been appearing more and more lately

Mostly though, just like every other day, I'm in love with our gang of losers, our furballs, and the handsome shaggy haired daredevil that I get to call my boyfriend.

x, K.


  1. Aren't you so Tropical Tempted ?

  2. Thanks to you, I'm ALWAYS Tropically Tempted !