De Zeemerminnen van Knokke.

I always find the sea so soothing.
it sounds corny as ever but every time I'm at the beach, I feel like the waves wash all my worries away.

Last Wednesday, as soon as Mr K. was done with his litterature exam -he has a good feeling about it, fingers crossed ! - we packed our family in the car and off we were, direction the North Sea.

It is a little known fact about our country but Belgium actually has some very beautiful beaches and some super cute seaside towns.
Knokke is without a doubt my favorite though, mostly because we have some magic memories there but also because it's one of the only places that allows dogs on the beach in the summer.

The first time that we had taken Bonnie to the sea, she was still a wee baby and she had been a little overwhelmed.
This time though, she seemed to be so happy, alternatively chasing waves and seagulls until she was exhausted and took a nap in the dunes.

As for me and Mr K., well, we were in our element.
Every time we go to the sea, it only takes for me to get out of the car and smell that first whiff of salt in the air to feel like I'm at home.

This little getaway was exactly what we needed and I already am looking forward to the next time we're going, this time, with the complete WBST.

ik zie jullie zo graag, mijn twee zeemerminnen :)

x, K.

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