6 liters of cider later...

Yesterday, 6 long, studious, painful weeks ended.
Of course, being the member of a Gang of Losers that I am, there was still an exam to pass before I could finally breathe again, and what do you know, I'm part of the half of my class that got screwed and had the B exam.

In this case, B obviously stood for Brutally Hard.
Or Bummer.
Oh well.

The bitter taste I had in my mouth once I heard the questions those lucky bastards with the A exam had had soon disappeared though.
Being the classy broad that I am, the first thing I did once I got out of the exam room was to grab my friends and schlepp to the nearest supermarket to buy as many cider as we could carry.

Let's just say we could carry a lot and it wasn't long before I was pretty intoxicated.
Hell, after those six atrocious weeks, I could have gotten drunk on Fanta I think.
Except that well, one of my poisons of choice is cider and so here I was, tumbling on the school lawn and calling people by their name+first name+ birthdate.
It was a truly memorable morning-afternoon-evening-night and if I may say so, in no small part thanks to my erratic behavior and drunk hyena laughter.

Mr K. did tell me that he loves the fact that I am a funny drunk though.
I'll toast to that !

x, K.

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