Friday I'm in Love...with Austra.

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with The Knife.

Their mix of whimsical beats and haunted voices felt like nothing I had ever heard before and I loved how upbeat their songs were.
Listening to The Knife kind of felt like being at the Mad Hatter's tea party -if the Mad Hatter had been a Swedish indie kid.

Then came Tomorrow, In a Year.
They were as haunted as ever, but for me, they seemed to have lost what made them so special, their cheeriness having been replaced by a rather gloomy feeling.
The album kind of felt like what would be playing at The Knife's funeral and, with a heavy heart, I stopped waiting impatiently for their next album and chose instead to focus on their masterpieces.

I had never thought that someone could filled the void left in my heart by The Knife, but then, I discovered Austra.

Austra could very well be the cool cousin of The Knife and Florence Welsh.
In fact, if you ask them, I'm sure they'll tell you that they are indeed related.

Lose It is a perfect combination of addictive beats and of Katie Stelmanis' rich, decadent voice.
(I'm aware that that description would maybe match a fudge brownie better, but really, that's what her voice feels like, dessert for your ears.)

We literally only had to listen to Feel It Break once before it was playing every day on our speakers.
Austra has managed to cheer us up during that god awful period known as finals and for that, you should give them a listen.

Also, I don't know if I'm the only dork who pictures movie scenes in her head when she listens to music but f there was a scene in Lost In Translation where Charlotte was tripping around the streets of Tokyo, Austra would definitely be the soundtrack to that.

It would be a great soundtrack to this scene too.

If they ever tour the Old Continent, you can be sure that me and the Mister will be singing at the top of our lungs front rom -and so should you.

x, K.

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