The Sloppy Sloth.

These past few days, it seems indeed that I have been sucked dry by a leech.

I sit around (correction : I lay around) our place doing nothing.
I spend my days laying in bed, reading ten pages of a book then putting it on the side, because really it's too consuming an effort to put the letters together.

I am becoming a complete sloth, spending day after day napping until bedtime comes.

Actually, if I want to be perfectly honest, scratch the t and the h, I've become a slob.
Our bed is surrounded by empty glasses and plates, and our apartment is filled with piles of stuff, the sad remains of my failed attempts at ranging.

You would think that I would be itching to get out and do stuff, but really, with every day that passes, I seem to lose more enthusiasm.
As I type, Mr K. is walking Bonnie alone because even the promise of some rays of sun after days of rain isn't tempting enough for me to get dressed and get a move on.

I guess this situation goes a little deeper than just me missing Mr K.
One by one, all my exams results have been coming except for two and, of course, one of them is the result of my statistics exam.
It doesn't really do wonders for my joie de vivre to spend each day not only alone but with a dagger over my head : will I have to redo that exam at the end of the summer or not ?

Thank God though, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Tomorrow, we're going to my parents and it's gonna feel really good to see them and my brother since the last time we were there was like two months ago.
On Saturday, we're gathering some friends for a barbecue so the preparation should keep me busy all day.

I sure as hell can't wait because if I keep at this rate any longer, any thoughts of having a brain or a waistline will only be unreachable utopias.

x, K.

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