With A Little Help From My Friends.

I spent the last two days crying.
It seemed that everything I tried failed.

Exercises that had once seemed easy were now impossible and I couldn't seem to study anything.
I was burning our meals, bumping in everything and hurting myself seemingly every second.
I was spiralling downwards and as time was passing by, it kept on getting worse, every minute bringing me closer to my exam.
Just as it felt like I had reached a point of no return where failure was the only option, it dawned on me that there really was only one thing to do : call E.

I've known E. a long time now, and despite (or maybe thanks to ?) the fact that we're both very headstrong, she's always been like a sister to me.
While our highschool science teacher made us realize that we actually are real sisters (aaaah the wonders of genetics...) I seem to be the wussy one of the two and I always lean on her for moral support.
She doesn't take shit from anyone and I knew that she was the person I had to see in this state : no way she was gonna let me waste time crying with our exam fast approaching.

That's how, on a warm and sunny day, we locked ourselves in the library, doing exercise after exercise until we felt we understood them.
I will admit, a part of me is still trying to get me to jump off my terrace, asking over and over again whether I'm sure that I'll remember what we did today, and whether I really understood it or if I just thought so.
That same part of me is still pretty convinced that there's no way on earth that I will manage to succeed at that exam.

But, it's only a part of me.
Thanks to E., another part now believes that there might be a chance that I won't fail.
Also, I didn't waste another day crying, and for that, I will owe her eternally.

Thanks man.
You have no idea of how much you helped me today.

x, K.

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