Friday I'm in Love...with Herman Düne.

Like many great things in my life, Herman Düne was brought to my attention by Mister K.

Once we got our hands on Next Year in Zion, we kind of forgot about it until a cold winter day when I was sick in bed.
If I'm not too sick, I actually like sick days.
You get to lounge in bed like a cat and you don't even have to feel guilty about it because well, in your state, what can you do ?

If you're the lucky girlfriend of a Mr K., you even get freshly squeezed orange juice to make you feel better so really, having a cold is pretty great around here.

Anyways, that day I was sick in bed and Mr K. was acting as a human teddy bear.
As we kept falling asleep, the album kept playing on repeat and throughout bouts of consciousness and orange juice, we listened to it and fell in love with it.

The songs fall beautifully into one another and even if you're not feverish the quiet melodies might still put you to sleep.

That beautiful collage was given to me by Mr K.
It doesn't show much in the picture but there is a quote from one of Herman Düne's
songs on it :
My Home is Nowhere Without You. (mine either babe)

Herman Düne kind of sounds like a mainstream Devendra Banhart, with the same enchanting voice but without some of his strangeness.
* said in the best sense of the word, we are big fans of his too *

Seeing that I am now worried sick (read : scared shitless) about my statistics exam, I thought it was appropriate to put two songs :

Try To Think About Me

This song is really pretty, and seeing the frequency at which "don't you worry a bit" is repeated in the lyrics I'm kind of hoping that it will work on my poor nerves.

My Baby's Afraid Of Sharks

Because on top of being afraid of anything that resembles mathematics, I also am afraid of sharks.
And many other things too, which are mostly all included of the lyrics of the song.
So yeah, perfect fit for me.

Speaking of being afraid of things, I'm gonna log off now.
I have to go hide somewhere and cry my eyes out and pray that if I wish it hard enough, I won't have to pass that exam.
Pray for me that it works - or that I ace the exam, I'd be fine with that too.

x, K.

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