* Photograph by Zohar Lindenbaum

There are many things in life that I think are unfair.

I don't understand why meat has to taste so good.
I've already given up eating pretty cows and adorable lambs and very seldom eat poultry , but how can you stop eating those cute piggies when there is such a thing as bacon ?
Every time someone mentions Babe, I cringe, revolted at how unfair it is that pigs are so cute and yummy.

I don't understand either why my hair always seems to act up on the worst days.
If I'm going to be photographed or even if I only need to look remotely decent for one reason or another, you can be certain that my otherwise rather straight hair will turn into what can only be described as a dead sheep's mane.

There aren't many things in my life that seem as unfair as Sixto Rodriguez's lack of recognition though.
Once you listen to his songs, you start questioning Bob Dylan and you definitely lose all respect for the Black Keys.

Sixto Rodriguez abandoned his music career in the 70s after his albums kind of flopped in the US and his record label folded.
I'm convinced that, would he have kept on recording songs, he would be right up there next to Bob and his harmonica.

Sixto Rodriguez has a beautiful raspy voice, with a sexy rustiness to it.
His melodies vary from rather simple (Sugarman) to full on rock'n'roll (Only Good For Conversation).
He sadly only released two albums, but both are little gems that you can listen to over and over again without getting tired of them.

Apparently, he now is a huge star in South Africa.
I really hope that the rest of the world catches on so that he gets the recognition that he deserves -and hopefully, so that he releases a new album.

One of my favorite songs of his is Halfway Up The Stairs but it's nowhere to be found so instead I'm gonna leave you with the link to I Wonder, another favorite.
Enjoy !

x K.


  1. PLEASE give credit to the photo of Sixto you used on top: "Photograph by Zohar Lindenbaum"

    BTW i agree with you about eating adorable lambs... and that Sixto is the man! :)


  2. Sorry I didn't give you credit, even though my law teacher would kill me if he read this, I have to admit that sometimes I'm a bit too lazy to look for the rightful owner of the photo :)

    Props for the picture, it's a really great one !