Days like these.

There are days like these, when despite your valiant alarm clock's best efforts, you still wake up 20 minutes before your class is due to start.
Come to think of it, even that is too early because all you want to do is stay in bed and cuddle.

Days like these when, just when you're catching up on the warm weather and going out in a t-shirt, it's suddenly grey and cold(ish).

Days like these when your dog greets you back home with a puddle of vomit.

Your feet are aching, your friend smoke close to you and you smell like ashtray and you can't even pop an Easter egg because they're kind of molten.

On days like these though, if you're lucky enough to have a Mr K., you might just find yourself the delighted owner of a pot of sunshine.

Thank God for the Mr Ks of this world, and thank God for daffodils brightening my living room, my day and my mood.

x, K.

1 comment:

  1. Being mr. K. is about the best thing i've done in my life and i want to keep on doing for the rest of it!
    And as long as i'm walking there will be daffodils come easter.
    Je t'aime pluketoe beejbie!