The Joy of Giving Up.

The calendar of a University student in Europe is a very weird one.
Every winter, you find yourself dreading Christmas because that means that your exams are right at the door.
You absentmindedly pick at the feast that your mom spent hours cooking as your mind is racing, not letting you forget that really, you should be studying.

Easter is another holiday that falls victim to exams.
While I haven't chased chocolate eggs in the garden for quite a while now (bummer), I used to always love spring break for the two peaceful weeks of (usually) clement weather that it offered.
Now ? not so much...
There are books to read, lessons to learn, exercises to do, ... and all the while you know that it's just prep work and that the real work hasn't started yet, that one whole month of studying and exams still awaits you.
It's kind of like getting a root canal but knowing that you'll have to come back soon to have your wisdom teeth taken out.

The fact that me and Mr K. both are at uni certainly helps, I mean, who doesn't like knowing that they're not in it alone?
Those past days, we woke up and went on with our day with the painful precision of well trained robots : breakfast-study-lunch-study-dinner-sleep-start again.

But not today.
Today, we opened our eyes and saw a grey sky out the window.
Today, the little place between his shoulder and his neck where I like to hide when I sleep seemed that much more warm and comfortable.
Today, we said screw it, and as I was drinking a cup of fresh orange juice nestled in my pillows, I realized that working hard might make you feel good about yourself, but boy, does giving up every once in a while feel heavenly...

x, K.

Mr K., happily giving up on the world last summer.

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