There was a time when I could legitimately call N. my baby brother.
Not that I don't do it anymore (ah!) but it sounded more accurate when he was actually smaller than me and wasn't drinking his weight in coffee every day.
Back then, he would mostly give me a hug or a drawing for my birthday.
I cherish those.

Now that he towers above me and that his knack for amassing money makes me look like a hobo, he has upped his game though.
Not a day goes by that I don't go out with some lovely bauble that he's gifted me, but this year, he wanted to go another road.

I will admit it, I was a bit surprised when he said that he had picked a pair of shoes for my birthday.
I'm not gonna lie, a bit scared too.
Did he know that I didn't really have a need for pink fluffy slippers ? Was he aware that while I love Dr. Martens on skinny girls in frilly dresses, they were likely to make my legs look like tree trunks ?

Nothing could have prepared me for the stunt he pulled.

Turns out, my brother might not talk much, but he listens.
A lot.

And so, for my birthday, he gave me the most beautiful pumps ever, a pair of natural leather Noë pumps.

See Noë shoes are my dream come true.
Their heel is high enough that you look like a vixen when you wear them, but not so high that you can't wear them when you have to walk more than around your apartment.
Their tip is pointy enough that you look like a rock chick, but not so pointy that you look like Paris Hilton.

The best thing about them though, is that they come in 50 colors, all of them prettier than the other.
A great shoe that comes in virtually every color ? HELL YEAH !

Sunday, there was a family event for Mr K.'s grandma.
I couldn't resist wearing my new Noë pumps there for the first time, excited to show them off to everyone, but also ready for the excruciating pain that would come with wearing new shoes for a long period of time.

That pain never came and I spent the day feeling like a million bucks.

Merci bébé frère !

x, K.

If you want your own pair, here's where N. found them : Vitrines Parisiennes


  1. (ce qu'il faut savoir, maintenant, c'est que je reçois approximativement 3 mails par jours pour des super promotions sur les tuniques et autres minishorts qui vont, apparemment, faire un malheur cet été :D)

    Cela dit, je suis très content qu'elles te plaisent ! AND I love you.

  2. Je me réjouis de te voir dans ta tunique et ton minishort cet été !
    Love you more !