Friday I'm in Love...with Angus & Julia Stone.

This post might be the first one on my blog (blah) but it also marks a way more eventful event : the first installment of the "Friday I'm in Love" posts.

As a student, I have quite a bit of time on my hands to satisfy my cravings for music and to look for new tunes.
Nothing sounds as good as the raw sexiness of a vinyl slowly turning, but hopefully, the little youtube snippets that i'll post here will hook some people up to whatever my obsession is that week.

You can expect to see on this blog a content as eclectic as my wardrobe's one : music, book and film reviews, hotspots in Europe and mainly in my current HQ (Brussels) and also probably a lot of rambling and over-sharing...can't say you won't have been warned !

So anyways, today I find that this beautiful rendition of the Grease classic matches perfectly the summery weather we had and the beautiful sunset light that's coming through my window right now.
I find that her raspy voice makes it very haunting, like something straight out of a Sophia Coppola movie - can't you see Lux & her sisters dancing absent-mindedly to this at their prom ?

x, K.

See what I'm talking about ? They're SO listening to that song there !

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