Two letters and one recipe.

Dear Kiwis,

I'm really sorry that I abandonned you on the kitchen counter, at the mercy of the April sun pouring out of our window.
Before I knew it your fuzzy skin was not that different from an elderly woman's one : not so firm, not so yummy.
What to do when faced with such a situation ?
Throw away 4 perfectly fine kiwis because they didn't match my taste for young firm flesh ? ( yup, I mean yours Mr K.)
That would have been so unworthy of a gal who prides herself on whatever little effort she makes for the environment.
Those kiwis had come to my kitchen top by means of a very long, very polluting flight and they deserved to be thoroughly enjoyed !

You'd be surprised at how many people find themselves in my situation, the search results for "overripe kiwi fruit" are quite mind boggling...That is, until you remove all the one that need proper baking tools ( student budget, mind you) and the ones that require butter (we finally got rid of the old butter that was slowly but surely getting attached to our fridge drawer.tuff decision.).
So, what does a determined baker whose boyfriend has a major sweet tooth do when faced with such adversity ?
Why, make her own recipe of course !

So, for those of you who are still reading ( note to self, make a post about my logorrhea), here's a yummy way to recycle overripe kiwis.

You'll need : * 3 kiwis
* 3 tablespoons of Marmalade
* 2 tablespoons of raisins
* 50 grams of sugar
* 50 grams of flour
* 2 tablespoons of olive oil
* 4 tablespoons of brown sugar (depends on the side of the dish you use)

1) Preheat the oven to 180°C
2) Sprinkle the brown sugar evenly at the bottom of your dish
3) Peel the kiwis and slice them in tiny pieces.Off they go to meet the brown sugar in your dish !
(this recipe is purely platonic.The kiwis only cover the sugar, no mixing involved)
4) Mix together the raisins and the Marmalade and cover your kiwis with it.
5) In a bowl, mix the sugar, the flour and the olive oil together.
6) Cover your dish evenly with this mixture.
7) Cook for approximately 20 minutes.

Dear Kiwi crumble,
I'm ashamed at the prejudice I had against you.
How could a dessert that was whipped in 5 minutes and that was made of overripe fruit and old Marmalade taste yummy I asked myself ?
well, you answered in the form of an indulgent spoonful of caramelized fruit and glorious crust...
Mr K. has already fallen in love with you, basically calling dibs on the whole plate.
As for me ?
Well kiwi crumble, I sense that you and I are going to become great friends.

x, K.

Yup, it tastes as good as it looks.

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