Saturday I'm in Love...with The Pierces.

Yesterday I was a very busy bee.
You'd think that having listened to that song all week, making a post about it wouldn't have slipped my mind.
Well it did.

Even though The Cure never sang about Saturday I'm in Love, which kind of cancels the musical reference of this post's title (Look at me!I'm a cool rock chick!I love Robert Smith!) I decided to go ahead anyway and write the post one day later.
I wouldn't want to disappoint my fans out there, waiting impatiently to be told what to listen to.
Ha !

So, before I get to the song, I have to make a shameful confession.
I'm a closeted Gossip Girl fan.
The city, the beautiful clothes, the shiny hair, the drama...I love it.
Actually, I loved it long before it was a successful TV show.
Yup, to add insult to injury, I also read the books.
I remember how excited I would get as a teen whenever a new one would come out.
For about 200 pages, I could identify with the characters (well, maybe not too much either.They ARE pretty slutty) and transport myself to The Upper East Side.
Hell, I day dreamt so much about the place that I could prolly find my way there blindfolded.

But anyways.
The only reason I get Mr K. to watch it with me is because the soundtrack is actually quite good.
It's actually pretty funny to imagine the music connoisseur putting together each episode's playlist.
I guess it's safe to say that he/she probably doesn't care much about wether Chuck and Blair are FINALLY gonna get back together or not and more about who's playing next at the Glasslands Gallery.
Never mind that person's opinions on us losers who get caught up in the (fake) drama though, the music on the show is pretty cool and eclectic.
Come to think of it, the only thing that made last episode better for me (REALLY?Aren't you tired of playing cat and mouse B.?) was the great song at the end.
A little bit of searching and I found it : We Are Stars by The Pierces.

To me, the song didn't really belong on a CW show though.
It's more the kind of song that you imagine playing in a dark bar, as the waitress gently sways behind the bar in a cloud of cigarette smoke.
It's the song that's playing on your record player as you make out with your tattooed boyfriend.
Hell, it's even the song that's playing as your boyfriend is getting tattooed on a hot, lazy afternoon.

In other words, it's awesome.

Watch out though.
If you're anything like me, you might find yourself listening to it over and over again until you know the lyrics by heart.

x, K.

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