Friday I'm In Love...with Florence + The Machine.

I discovered Florence + The Machine like many people did , her powerful voice blasting through our car's little radio.
"Dog Days Are Over" just felt like the perfect song to be silly to after a month of exams and rainy weather.
Time for me to discover her cover of "You've Got The Love" and off we were to a festival where she was performing.

Her performance baffled me at first.
Here I was, expecting to dance my ass off while shouting whatever lyrics I knew and instead, I was completely transfixed.
The concert was out of this world, she was very ethereal in a long victorian dress and the audience was completely mystified, vibrating to the tune of the accompanying harp.
It so happened that she was performing at sunset, giving it even more of a magic feel.
The hour that the show lasted was enough for me to become a fan.

This winter, we tagged along my parents for a snowboarding trip.
My brother having a tiny crush on her, we ended up listening to Lungs for most of the 8 hour trip.
Before I knew it, I knew the lyrics to all her songs and the album was forever linked in my mind to the exhilarating journey to the mountains.

"Cosmic Love" is one of my favorite songs off Lungs.
It has all the elements of a typical Florence + The Machine song : the mystical beginning slowly building up to a powerful chorus, the beautiful melody, her amazing voice....
Enjoy !

x, K.

Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

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