Spring has Sprung.

It all started with a big yawn.
Without anyone noticing, the big trees in our street started stretching their branches, still a little groggy from their long sleepy winter.
Before I knew it, their naked arms had been covered in leaves, making them look like big lush green pompoms from our 7th floor terrace.

Overnight, my beloved coat & boots combo became too warm and my scarf loosened itself, switching from a protection against the cold to a simple accessory.

Now it seems that everywhere I look all I see are my favorite flowers : tulips, dafodils, and above all, my precious cherry blossoms.
Soon, those too will be gone and it will be time for ice cream cravings and home made cocktails on our terrace.
Better log out and enjoy them while they're still here.
x, K. The glorious cherry blossoms next to our place.

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