O Boyfriend, Where Art Thou ?

As I'm writing this, I am sitting alone on the lawn of uni, not daring to move one meter in case Mr K. shows up.
We were supposed to meet up on the front lawn, but here I am, sitting alone.
Since I did not take my cellphone, I find myself in a tricky situation where I'm starting to feel as if I got our meeting point wrong, but don't dare move just in case I did get it right and he's late.
Who knew that at 22, I could still feel as confused as I did when I was 8 and my mom would be late to pick me up after ballet class...

I can't really blame anyone but myself though.
See, I've been quite rebellious lately.
Unlike all my peers, flaunting their smart phones at every occasion, I am proud to say that (despite having a shiny, efficient one) I function without a cellphone.
Apart from the damage I'm NOT doing to my brain (bad, bad cellphone micro waves), I can't see many advantages though.

Ever since I decided to go all Christopher Mccandless, I've upset my fair share of friends, waiting for me in places I had no idea that they were at.
(No matter how much you repeat it, this generation doesn't grasp the concept of not being able to reach someone by mobile phone)
I have lost count of how many times I woke up at the crack of dawn, only to find out inside en empty classroom that my earliest class had been cancelled and that the same friends that have to wait for me all the time had tried unsuccessfully to warn me about it.
I had to explain to my Dad that no, really, I wasn't filtering his calls at all and that yes, I was still his little girl, happy to talk to him whenever I got the chance.
All in all, being unreachable has proved to be pretty sucky.

Lately though, the situation has been getting out of control.
Ever since we broke one of our keys to the building, our every move out of the apartment requires military organization.
We sneak around campus like spies, meeting only long enough to drop the key before running off to our classes.
Despite that, I'm pretty sure that I'm know in the building as "the b*tch who forgot her key AGAIN".
Not a good thing when you often need your neighbors to pick up your mail.

Not a good thing either to have to hide from your friends because you just said goodbye to meet up with your boyfriend but really, you're sitting alone 10 meters aways from them.
So here I am, faced with no choice but to give in.
As I wait on the lawn, my jeans getting more dirty by the second (really spring lawn?all that sunshine and you're not even dry?), all I can think is "please, let Mr K. find me before the shops closes, I have to buy a prepaid phone card".

x, K.

At least, now that I'll have my cellphone back, I won't risk dying alone in the Alaskan wilderness anymore.

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