Happy Tuesday !

I usually never bother much with Tuesdays.
Mondays mark the beginning of the week, Wednesdays its middle and Fridays its end.
Tuesdays are like Thursdays, lost in the middle, stepping stones to more important days.

This Tuesday was really great though.
The sun was shining bright and I was able to multitask, tanning a bit (read : I look like a lobster) while working for Uni.
My mum bought me my poison of choice and I was able to sip on ice cold Diet Coke to keep cool.
My bread came out perfect out of the toaster, my Mister K. looked gorgeous in his cutoffs and my baby brother was affectionate without me having to go all Jewish mom on him.
Our dogs seemed to be even cuter and more kind than usual and they even managed to be somewhat quiet while we worked.
It really was a great day.

This post might not be interesting to an outside person, but really, it's quiet, blissful days like these that make me love my life.
I once read that it's better to treasure little pleasures than to only get excited about big things and boy, do I agree.

x, K.

Watching the sunset out of our bedroom window is definitely something that I treasure.

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