Hot Wheels.

Yesterday, the WBST needed an adventure.

A long day of studying was reaching its end.
A cruel sunshine had tempted us all day, mocking us as we were stuck at our tables with our books.
Our doggies had had a grand day, playing in the sun and chasing each other in the garden and now, it was our turn.

Mr K.'s legs were aching for his skateboard.
Due to a busy schedule filled with school, and work and well, me, he hadn't managed to take his board out in quite a while.
Ever since we passed it on our way to the shelter to rescue Baxter (the tiny dancer) he had been dying to go to the snake run.
Patiently, he had waited all winter long for the snow to melt and now, there was no stopping him.

N. was anxious to try his new toy.
My parents had gotten him a new camera for his birthday and the beautiful light was calling his name.
A road trip to the skate park would provide him with the perfect occasion to try his camera's potential.
If you manage to catch Mr K. in action, you know that you've got good material.

As for me ?
Well, I had to get out.
My eyes were burning, my hand was sore and frankly, I'm obsessed with the Z-boys so the perspective of seeing my man in action seemed like heaven to me.

Time to say "mom can we borrow your car" and off we were, with the windows wide open and 20th Century Boy blasting.
We were so ready.

The park was filled with locals, kids and dogs.
Mr K. quickly took control of his skateboard again and soon, he was the toast of the snakerun, his every move being copied by 6 years old rascals.

N. and I chilled on the side, just happy to be there in the middle of the woods, watching our homeboy nailing trick after trick.

It really was perfect, just what we needed, and I'm finding it hard to put that magic into words.
I'll leave you with some pictures, they'll tell the story way better than I could.

x, K.

"The Bat" = N. = baby brother = photographer extraordinaire and the rightful owner of most of these gorgeous pictures.

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