Bloody Hell.

Bonnie parading on the terrace with one of her finds.

Bonnie is a hoarder.
Our daily walks turn into a never ending search for her next treasure and our neighborhood seems to be the equivalent of a top notch canine flea market.

There isn't a park where she won't find a ball left somewhere by some careless dog.
Her trained nose will find an old tennis ball everywhere.
Thanks to Bonnie, it's Roland Garros all year round at our place.

Some previous prized finds have included a teddy bear (may he rest in peace, God knows she was ruthless with him), a half eaten sandwich and, her pride and joy : a Osso Bucco bone.

Somehow, the mere fact of finding it allowed her to turn all Sid on this poor stuffed raccoon.

Like any good hoarder, she sees treasures where us mere mortal only see garbage.
Sometimes, you can see it in her eyes that she thinks we're out of our mind for forcing her to part with her loot.
What on earth is wrong with us for not seeing the potential of a greasy, dirty sandwich wrapper ???
You can tell that she's never seen wasters like us.

Today, she snatched a mysterious object right before we entered our building.
It was hard to recognize at first, which is never a good thing, so I took my courage in both hands and urged Mr K. to find out what it was.

Turns out that what was bringing her such ecstasy as she was chewing it with her eyes half closed was an old tampon.
I don't know who said "like master, like dog", but in this particular case*, I feel obliged to say that that saying is bullshit.

x, K.

* I also feel that way when she eats "street truffles".

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  1. Don't forget the time where she pulled half a cow's leg out of the bushes.