Friday I'm in Love...with Grass Widow.

Grass Widow is badass.
Their song "Tattoo" is even better.

It's what you're listening to as you're speeding on the highway in a stolen pick up truck.

It's the song that plays in the background as you are convulsing on the floor after a particularly bad trip.

It's the song that's playing in your headphones as you decide to go all Lolita on your Professor.
-kidding babe-

It's a song for roadtrips, impromptu parties on the balcony, steamy make out sessions, and well yes, a great song to get tattooed to, though it might hurt if the needle is trying to keep up with the frantic guitars.

I don't know many of Grass Widow's other songs but frankly, I don't need to.
I get my fix of raw voices and guitars with Tattoo and I love it -so will you.

x, K.

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