Letters to my boys.

Dear Mr K. ,

I'm sorry that I gave you a guitar right as exam period was starting.
Believe me when I say that I had very good intentions, but I see now how desperate you are to play while you're stuck at our table studying.
I'm also very sorry that when I encouraged you to enroll at my school, I forgot to mention how draining and exhausting exam period was.My bad.

I must admit, it kind of feels surreal that I, the neurotic permanently stressed basket case, have to reassure you.
I will keep on doing it until you see yourself through my eyes though : you're incredibly smart and hard working and really, if you resist the call of your guitar, you're probably going to succeed way better than I do -again.

Dear baby brother ,

I've been there.
I know that no matter what you see or hear, nothing can really prepare you to having to study your ass off for a scandalous amount of hours a day while it feels like everyone else is outside enjoying the sun.
Even though you hate the sun, it must be annoying for you too.
I also know that you're probably drinking your weight in coffee these days but it's not that bad : I read that it even prevents prostate cancer -woohoo !
Also, you need to stop convincing yourself that you're gonna fail.
Never forget that YOU are the smart one of the family.
-and that you are the little chemist.

Dear beloved stinkers ,

I miss our WBST adventures.
I miss adventures actually, now one the most exciting part of my day is when I allow myself to drink some Coke Light out of my precious stash.
It kind of doesn't compare to cross country biking or road trips.At all.
I know that you guys are down and I wish that I could make your exams go away or pass them in your place but my plate is kind of full right now, so here's the best I can do : I compiled a list of adventures/fun things that we have to do after the exams.

I hope this list cheers you up.


  • Go to the beach with our dogs and hunt jellyfishes with them.The first one that gets stung loses.Ah!

  • Eat Pauls at RW + find Paul !

  • Watch Somewhere with cold cider and hot -homemade- nachos.

  • At least 3 bike trips to at least 3 different cities.

  • Shopping for crazy sales + a break for delicious sandwiches and fruit juices

  • KAYAK ! ! !

  • Barbecues at bonpa's

  • La Noyée jam sessions

    There will also be long walks at night with our dogs, endless talks on the terrace with chilled rosé wine and a lot of other things that I can't think of right now.
    The great thing though, is that soon, we'll have time to think about it together !

I love you and I can't wait to reunite the WBST.

x, K.


  1. Pour te situer tout de suite à quel point je suis au fond de ma vie :
    Je viens de rire pendant au moins 3 minutes en pensant à "Kouchou! à tes souhaits." et j'ai eu de l'icetea qui m'est sorti par le nez. (Et j'ai évidemment essayé avec "A tes amours", c'était beaucoup moins drôle.

    Je ne t'en voudrai pas de ne comprendre ni la blague, ni le rapport avec ton article.

    btw: iloveyou.

  2. Aaaaaah l'humour de session....
    je ne me suis toujours pas tout à fait remise de la vision de toi en Buffalo sous ton smoking pour tout te dire.

    btw : bigsisterlovesyoumore.