Coming Up Roses.

In teenage years, me and Mister K. have been together forever already.
That doesn't stop us from still doing crazy-loved-up-young-couple stuff all the time though.
After all, we ARE crazy loved up and young.

To the great amusement of our families and friends, we celebrate our the anniversary of our meeting every month.
We might go to dinner one month and just chill in bed the next one but we always try to make it special.

Today though, it didn't seem to be in the cards for us.
We had no special plans, I had an early class and as you might have gathered from previous posts, we're both drowning in work.
We'd just do something a bit bigger the 2nd of July, when our exams would finally be out of the way.
No big deal right ? I mean, except for us, who celebrates their anniversary every month ?

As I got back from my morning class, I was feeling less in a celebratory mood than ever.
The teacher seemed to have made it a point to finish the term with a particularly hard to understand class.
That lady sure knows how to boost her students' confidence come finals time.
A friend had kept me waiting forever and a very early wake up had left me in a fuzzy state.
Really, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and have a good cry.

As I arrived home, Mr K. was waiting for me.
We were about to go up when he asked me to please pick up the paper because he had forgotten to in the morning.

Funny that he forgot to take it though, because I'm pretty sure he opened our mailbox this morning.
The beautiful flowers that I found certainly didn't go there by themselves.

x, K.

If Mr K. wasn't such a darling, I'd probably be madly in love with him anyways just because of how gorgeous the man is.

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