The D.A. Badger Project // Metallic Lullaby °1

Mr K. is awesome.
He is gorgeous, funny, smart, great at any given extreme sports (that's sexy in my book) and he's also very talented.
See, Mr K. has that gift that few musicians have to be able to pick up any instrument.
Officially, he's a bassist, but there isn't a set of strings that will resist him.
Contrabass, electric guitar, acoustic bass...He's the man.

I'm always happy to listen to him rock out to the classics (we initially bonded over our mutual love for the great Lemmy) but sometimes, it gets a little head crushing to listen to speed rock or metal on repeat for a couple of hours.
Which is why I challenged him : he would have to turn those bitchin' songs into lullabies.
Anyways, everyone knows that some of those bands' best stuff is their slower, deeper material (hello Nothing Else Matters and God Was Never On Your Side).

Mr K. happily accepted and that's how the D.A. Badger Project started.
Today, his fingers were itching and he sat down with his Harley Benton to work on a classic.
An hour later, he had totally made the song his own AND had turned it into something to listen to on those nights where your Ipod is singing you to sleep.

I am deeply in love with Mr K. which some might see as me being partial but not anymore after they've listened to his cover.
Loved up or not, I can recognize a pretty bass line and a raw voice when I hear them.

Thanks for the cover babe.
I am so very proud of you.

x, K.


* Like any talented mofo, Mr K. is also a huge perfectionnist.
He wants me to let you know that this is only a draft version.

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