The sun never shines brighter than when you're stuck inside.
To be perfectly honest, we did study outside yesterday but still, can't say that we were really enjoying the weather to its full potential.

Once the temperatures cooled down a bit (read : once the thought of wearing anything else than a sundress was bearable) and our goals for the day were reached, we needed to make the maximum of whatever sun was left.
With that thought in mind, we put Mr K.'s BMX in the trunk and off we were to a nearby spine ramp.
The promise of an adventure to come seemed like heaven after what felt like a never ending day of school work.

Once we arrived there, we were greeted with friendly locals who were happy to let Mr K. own the ramp.
Not to gloat our anything, but I was a proud girlfriend when I heard a kid talk about how happy he would be the day that he could do that as Mr K. was acing a transfer.

I felt quite proud too when he let me ride his bike a bit -to be perfectly honest, I'm already planning to steal it to go practice .

N. gave it a try too but mostly, he again took some great action pictures at the park.
Watch out for that kid, when he'll finally realize that an additional 13 years of studying (med school + psychiatry) is torture, it won't be long before his pictures are prominently featured in sub culture magazines.

Again, the WBST managed to turn what would have otherwise been a pretty boring day into a memorable one.
There's something about the combination of sweating in the park and my two beloved stinkers that always brightens my mood.
I'm already looking forward to our next adventure !

x, K.

* Props to anyone who got the AWESOME reference in this post's title.
Cru is my 2nd favorite BMX rider.No kidding.

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