Friday I'm in Love...with Lissie.

To be perfectly honest, I'm actually in love with Lissie every day of the week.
I love her voice, I love her record and yeah, ok, I'm crazy jealous of her long blond hair.

Her beautiful song Everywhere I go had been featured on the soundtrack of one of my secret addictions (which does involve scrubs, but never involved George Clooney) and I was completely blown away by her powerful voice.
After a bit of searching the internet, I found out who that voice belonged to and that it was even featured on an EP.
It was love at first sight, and not only because the cover art was so pretty.
* Happy Lissie Surprise °1

Just as I was itching for more songs to listen to (am I the only one who gets frustrated with EPs?I get that it acts as a teaser of sorts, but to me it's kind of like eating a microscopic bite of red velvet cupcake.Torture.) I found out that Ms Maurus had just come out with a new album.
At first I was a bit torn, after the raw beauty of Everywhere I go which showcased her voice so amazingly, her album seemed a bit...tame.
It did grow on me very quickly though, even more so after I started reading interviews and getting the meaning behind every song.
* Cue Happy Lissie Surprise °2

A short while after her record got out, I almost had a heart attack when I found out by checking our favorite concert hall's website that Lissie was performing there in two days.
In less time than it takes to say cuckoo, we had booked our tickets and off we were to the front row to watch her perform.
* And this, my friends, is when Happy Lissie Surprise °3 happened.
We were blown away by her performance.
She is one of those artist that you should definitely check out live, in part because her band is so awesome.
Her guitarist is a dreadlocked bearded beast who would certainly make Jimmy Page proud with some of his insane solos and her bassist is also her drummer so that makes him a badass.
Her songs really come alive, mostly because she makes sure to tell her audience the story behind them before she starts singing them.
When we left, we had been Lissied (and believe me, it's hard for me to get Mr K. to like a long blond haired singer who's not in a hair metal band).

I had a hard time picking a song to post here but I finally settled on Bully.
That's the perfect song if like me these days, you're feeling a bit down but don't want to indulge into your weepy songs cravings.
It starts out pretty mellow, building up slowly until at the end of the song you feel empowered again -Perfect for the exam blues.
Have a listen below and make sure to check her out if she ever performs close to where you
live !

x, K.

* We found out not to long ago that she would be performing at a festival we're going to this summer.
Yup, that would be Happy Lissie Surprise °4 !

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