Home Alone.

This week end, we are coming one last time to my parents' before we lock ourselves into our study bunker and tonight, my parents have to go someplace.
You would think that, seeing that I've been living away from home for 4 years now, I wouldn't care, but actually, I feel like a 14 year old all over again.

It's a funny feeling.
It's exciting, exhilarating even and it's the promise of an adventure.
I remember loving evenings alone with my brother because we got to pick what we ate, what we watched and when we went to sleep.
None of it has changed and it still feels as awesome to eat chinese take out on the couch, as we watch TV.
The mere thought of how many rules we're breaking as we do that almost gives me the chills.

I'm not sure my mom would consider us to be too old for a good spanking if she knew what we're up to when they leave.
Past shenanigans have included a food fight (not sure N. has really forgiven me for the slice of pizza that I painted his face with), a secret party, and a crazy dance-off around the house among others.

Tonight, we're gonna keep it low key though.
Mr K. has heard of a spine ramp in the neighborhood (me?ashamed that I've lived here for 18 years and never knew about it?Course not !) and we're gonna go check that out for an evening session. -expect pictures of that coming soon.

When we come back, we might just eat our dessert on the couch though.
If we're feeling exceptionally bad, who knows, we might even eat TWO ice cream cones EACH...

x, K.

The last time my parents left us alone for a day, we literally rode our bikes to another country.
Good thing they'll only be gone for some hours tonight.

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