Three letters and one recipe.

Dear K,

Yes I'm talking to you (i.e. myself).
Do you really think that now is the time to be tired and crash for 4 hours ?
Are you maybe under the impression that your lessons are gonna study themselves?
Because they won't.
Now, stop being a big wuss, sit at your table and destroy those piles of school subjects with the power of your brain, just like Chuck Norris would.
And get away from that damn computer.

Only one exam in, and already showing signs of a breakdown.Ugh.

Dear Hummus,

Thank you thank you thank you.
I love you for being calorific as fuck but still managing to make me feel as if I'm eating healthy.
Anyways, everyone knows that food that you make yourself doesn't count.
I also love you for looking so pretty on my plate, next to my cucumber and my cherry tomatoes.
I'm sorry I'm such an asshole and I forgot to take a picture of you.
Truth be told, I had devoured you long before the thought crossed my mind.
No worries though.
Everyone knows that you looked way prettier than the one on this random picture.

Who pours oil in the middle of their hummus though?
Just because you didn't get it at the drive-in doesn't mean that it's light, people.

Dear Mr K,

I swear to God, the next time that you sample my food and that you pout, I will stab you in the face.
Yes, hummus tastes lemony, like it should.
No, you don't hate lemon.
If you certify me that you do, it's good to know, more Napoleons for me.

I still love you though, you annoying picky eater.

You know babe, in life, it's not always fajitas and butterflies.

So, as you might have gathered from the beginning of this post, my day so far hasn't been that productive.
I looked something up on the computer, which was conveniently on the bed, mmm comfy bed, mmm quick power nap, SHIT how is it 2pm already ???
I woke up pretty grumpy that I got fooled again (really, when will I learn that your bed conspires against you during exam period ??).
I was also starving and in dire need of comfort food.
Seeing how close I am from bikini time, I wasn't about to schlepp my ass to the nearest fast food joint to get it, so hummus was the next best thing.

If, like me, you feel sinister and you're hungry, here's how to get your own hummus fix :

* Gather 400 grams of chickpeas, the juice of one lemon, three tablespoons of olive oil and 4 smashed garlic cloves.
* Blend it until smooth.
* Stuff your face.

Promise, my next recipe won't be as complicated as this one.

x, K.

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