Vitamin D.

Today was going to be just another study day.
There was German grammar to learn and a strict planning to follow.
There would be breaks of course, but by the time we would call it a day, so would have the sun.
-not like we work until it's dark outside but we do work long enough for the sun to be decorative instead of warming.
A month of hard work might seem a small price to pay to hopefully get to spend three blissful months doing nothing, but believe me, when you're in it, it sucks ass.

My day started really bad because of a beginner's mistake : I looked at the bigger picture.
Nothing ruins your mood like listing all you'll have to do over the next four weeks.
Here I was, trying to keep my head out of the water when I all but knocked myself unconscious with the amount of work that still needed to be done.
I'm not gonna lie, there was pouting and teary eyes involved.

My knight in shining hoodie came back.
Just one look and he had understood what was happening.
He did not try to give me a pep talk.
He did not encourage me to try and resume my studying.

Instead, he calmly suggested that we do nothing.
Needless to say, he did not need to tell it to me twice.

It did not take long for me to forget all about my work load.
As I lay on our terrace, soaking up sun with the avidity of a thirsty alcoholic, I came to the realization that sometimes, all you really need in life is a good dose of vitamin D.

Thanks for making me understand that babe. I really needed it.
x, K.

Where's Bonnie ?

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