Bones ! Bones ! Bones, bones, bones, bones !

Dead Man's Bones is awesome.

Actually, Dead Man's Bones is one of my current favorite bands and it has nothing to do with the fact that Ryan Gosling is in it.
No sir.

If my poor overheated brain remembers good, I discovered them thanks to a really cool mixtape I found online.
Back then, they had only released "My body's a zombie for you" and the combination of the genius title/bandname really made me want to know more about them.
also the fact that that song was really great.

After patiently waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally got my hands on their eponymous album.
Let me just say : Pure magic.

Dead Man's Bones feels like a mix of all my favorite things : Halloween, Nightmare on Christmas, poetry and bizarre-ness.
It summons images of cabinet of curiosities, taxidermy and venenous flowers.

I'm pretty sure Edgar Allan Poe would have loved it if the old fella was still around and there is no doubt in my mind that the Ghasthycrumb tinies would twirl to the sound of "Flowers go out of my grave".

Dead Man's Bones will kick start your day with "Pa Pa Power", keep you energized with "Dead Man's Bones", make you fear bedtime with "In The Room Where You Sleep" yet still take you off to dreamland with the hypnotic beauty that is "Buried in Water".

The album achieves something not unlike what Neil Yound did with Harvest : there really are no songs to throw away on it and you can listen to it over and over again without getting sick of it, the songs melting perfectly into one another.

I could talk about that band for another shitload of paragraphs but instead, I will end this post with a quote from the one and only Mr K. :
"Actually, it is pretty obvious that Ryan Gosling is a musician that also acts, and not the opposite."

x, K.

Hell, even their cover art kicks ass.

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