Friday I'm in Love...with Oh Land.

My brother N. is a pretty quiet person.
He will answer you if you talk to him, but other than that, he's happy to be chilling somewhere with his cup of coffee.
Why talk when you can just listen ?

His rather silent demeanor means that whenever he says something, you not only listen, you know that it is going to be interesting.
To be perfectly honest with you, I literally drop everything I'm doing any time that my brother decides to strike up a conversation with me.
He's that interesting.

The other day, I was wasting time on Youtube when, on his way to make himself a cup of coffee, he glanced over my shoulder and mentioned that I really ought to check out Oh Land's "White Nights" because it reminded him of me.
When I saw the video, I was curious.
Was it the blond hair ? The long legs ? (one can hope...) The drumming skills maybe ?

Admittedly, my drumsticks/hair/legs are a bit shorter than hers.

Turns out that her weird dance moves reminded him of me when I've had too much sugar to eat.
Oh well.

All long legs and trippy dancing apart, he actually made me discover a really cool song.
It's really refreshing to hear a new-ish band that don't take themselves too seriously or try overly to be the next big thing.
Instead, Oh Land puts together catchy songs, kind of as if Emiliana Torrini and The Knife had an illegitimate child.

I've been listening to it over and over again ever since I discovered it and soon, Im pretty sure you will too.
Thanks N. !

x, K.

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